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7 Ideas for Fashionable Young Entrepreneurs

The world of fashion is a heady mix of art, style, and business. In 2019 alone, global sales of clothes and shoes topped 1.9 trillion dollars. Why shouldn’t you get your piece of that? 

Fashion and style are among those things that not everyone understands. Matching a dress with the exact right shoes can be a challenge. The average non-fashionista can’t simply throw something together and expect it to look good.  

This is where you come in. 

You’ve got an eye for flattering lines and colors. Even when you lounge around the house on a Sunday afternoon, you look good doing it. You would never be seen in last year’s trends and you’ve never met an accessory you didn’t like. 

What comes naturally to you can be a major service to others. And you can make a few bucks while you’re at it! 


Young entrepreneurs who know how to take random items of clothing and turn them into something out of the pages of Vogue, consider using your powers for good. YouTube videos are fantastic opportunities for smart teens like you. The videos are easy to make, free for your viewers, and, once you become even a little bit well-known you can make real money through sponsors, ads, donations, and even (fashionable) merch. 

The videos can be simple tutorials (“How to hem your skirt without a sewing machine”), basic advice (“The best fall colors for every skin tone”), or reviews (“Are these designer jeans worth the price?”). Whatever you choose to do, put your heart and soul into it. Audiences will pay attention to someone who’s confident and sure of themselves. 


Do you know a few aspiring models in your class? Have a friend who lives at their sewing machine? Why not help them out with your fashion photography business! 

You don’t need fancy equipment to get started. If you have a decent eye for composition and color, you can master the art of fashion photography with your smartphone and a few extra lights.  

When starting, consider doing a few free photoshoots for friends. This way you can build up a portfolio, which in turn will help you land professional jobs. Consider advertising your services to local shops or second-hand stores. You may also find makers in your area who design and sell their clothes online and need some professional help with their shops. 


Got a closet overflowing with cool clothes in good condition? Rent them out! 

Sometimes people want something to wear just for a special event. Think weddings, graduations, or a special night out. Not everyone wants to spend hundreds of dollars on a piece of clothing they’ll wear once – maybe twice. Maybe. For a fraction of the cost of buying, they’ll be happy to rent from you. 

Hire a fashion photographer friend to take some professional photos of your best outfits and put them up on a carefully designed website. Rent by the night or the week. Will you ship or stay local? Think about offering special deals for whole outfits, including shoes, wraps, and accessories.  

Not only is this enterprise a great way to make money it’s also highly eco-friendly


Why follow fashion trends when you can bring them to life yourself? One of the key qualities of a successful young entrepreneur is the self-confidence to lead the way in any field. This absolutely includes the world of fashion. 

Those of you who dream of sewing patterns, who know your cotton blends from your poly blends, and who understand the value of a well-crafted seam, can make a few bucks by opening an online fashion shop. Who doesn’t love a handmade item of bespoke clothing?  

To make this business even more consumer-friendly, use all recycled materials, like turning old t-shirts into onesies for babies, or old jeans into headbands. 


While haute couture may seem like the more obvious entrepreneurial path for young fashionistas, don’t forget how much people love their pets! 

Some people dress their pets up for Halloween. In fact, it’s a half-billion-dollar industry. Why shouldn’t you be the designer who makes those adorable pumpkin or superhero costumes for your neighbor’s Labradoodle? How about making doggie t-shirts that advertise another young entrepreneur’s business? Or bandanas for a community fundraiser? 

When you’re ready to sell to customers who really love their pets, you can make matching human and animal costumes! (And don’t forget blinged-out collars!) 


Cosplay is HUGE in the world of fandom. And we’re not talking about cheap, store-bought costumes, either. 

Fans from all over the world of entertainment love to dress up as their favorite characters. Lucky for you, not all these devoted fans can design and sew something that looks good. Young entrepreneurs who know their DC from the MCU and aren’t afraid of big, creative projects can make decent money online sewing cosplay for others.  

Not quite willing to commit to major costumes? Start with specialty pieces for kids – sell them in batches for birthday parties or school shows! 


The perfect outfit needs the perfect accessories. With the right pair of earrings and a belt, any dress can go from good to WOW! Ready to show off those skills and sell your own accessories? 

Some accessory ideas for the keen-eyed young entrepreneur: 

  • Belts 
  • Jewelry 
  • Hats 
  • Shoes 
  • Bags 
  • Glasses and sunglasses 
  • Wraps 
  • Gloves 
  • Scarves and ties 

As you build your accessory empire, don’t forget to price your items to include all your creativity and hard work, not just the cost of materials. From there, you can open an online shop, set up a booth at an outdoor flea market, or partner up with a brick-and-mortar clothing store in your community. 

Fashion is an enormous industry with plenty to offer a smart young entrepreneur like you. While your love of fashion can take you far in life, your entrepreneurial spirit will be your ticket to haute couture fame and fortune! Find out more about the Kantner Foundation, including our college scholarships for young entrepreneurs in Florida, by clicking here. We look forward to your application!

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