Woodrow A. Kantner

Founder: Woodrow A. Kantner


Throughout his career, Kantner accepted the challenge of doing things properly and understands when compromise and sacrifice are appropriate. As a decorated U.S. Air Force pilot (1940-46) and an avid outdoorsman, he cared about our nation’s heritage and its future – the gifted young people of today. Kantner’s life reads like a Horato Alrger story, including surviving a crash into New Hampshire’s Mt. Jim in the Air Force plane he was operating during World War II, experiencing a difficult divorce and bankruptcy at the age of 42, to realizing windfall profits during the real estate boom of the ’80s.

“One consistent thing in my life has been the opportunity that the free enterprise system of this country has presented to me, and I want to do all that I can to help ensure the continuation of that opportunity for others to come much as it was given to him through no effort of my own.”

– Woodrow A. Kantner, Founder 1917-2007